Ideal for quickly capturing highly accurate and detailed as-built conditions of historical structures and buildings, the FARO® Laser Scanner constructs 360-degree point clouds of scanned surfaces to create 3D models used in building restoration or historic preservation plans.

Providing researchers and scientists with 3D CAD models of as-built plans used to determine structural integrity, the FARO Laser Scanner offers a robust solution for restoration or scientific analysis purposes.

Passing Down the Heart and Essence of Cultural Assets to Future Generations. Color Scan to Achieve More in Reality and 8-Axis Design to Save Significant Operating Time

Culture Heritage Protection: KYOTO’S 3D STUDIO
The advantage of color scan is not only in visualizing grains and scars but also in enabling the creation of an image of statue of Buddha itself and utilizing those data in a digital museum. Another function was 8-Axis mechanism which brought effects to increase the number of scan while significantly reducing operating time.

3D Documentation of a ‘Vanishing’ Civilization – FARO Helps Preserve Cultural Relics

Heritage: Cultural Heritage Research Institute of Zhejiang University
Professor Diao Changyu, Assistant to the Director, Cultural Heritage Research Institute of Zhejiang University commented, “For exquisite stone artifacts – such as inscriptions, epitaphs, and especially intricate Buddhist stone statues – we found it necessary to use a scanning device. The FARO ScanArm is able to provide a comprehensive scan in just one scanning cycle, even capturing details in areas that are blocked or inaccessible. Overall, we get very good data consistency and it allows us to achieve a higher level of accuracy, which is impressive. Some stone statues have faint intaglio lines, which are very thin, shallow, and almost invisible to the naked eye. Yet, these show up clearly in the monochrome 3D model obtained by the scans. This is a very important technical means for archeology.”

Tochigi Museum Surveys Cultural Assets & Conserves Buildings with FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D

Heritage: Tochigi Prefectural Museum
While scans are being performed, the Focus3D also captures photographs of the scene, which later allows users to view point cloud data in color. This facilitates Tochigi Museum’s exhibition planning purposes, given that colors, textures, building shapes, and sizes are all preserved with one touch.

Laser Scanning Supports State-of-the-art Ancient Tomb Study

Heritage: Okayama University Seki Engineer Service
On 26 November 2014, the Sanyo Shimbun newspaper in Japan published an article entitled ‘Discovery of a Rectangular Ancient Tomb’. Located in Soja, Okayama, and measuring 65m in length, the old tomb was named the Ancient Tomb of Mount Chausu. Earlier in the year a local resident first discovered what looked like an “ancient tomb”. Upon further investigation, it was confirmed that this was indeed one of the largest rectangular tombs within the prefecture.

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