Ideal for quickly capturing highly accurate and detailed as-built conditions of historical structures and buildings, the FARO® Laser Scanner constructs 360-degree point clouds of scanned surfaces to create 3D models used in building restoration or historic preservation plans.

Providing researchers and scientists with 3D CAD models of as-built plans used to determine structural integrity, the FARO Laser Scanner offers a robust solution for restoration or scientific analysis purposes.

FARO Deployed to Support Architecture Education in Rural China

Heritage: University of Hong Kong and Tsinghua University
To aid in the mammoth assignment of capturing data for the unique Miao structures, the research group relied on the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D, a portable high-speed 3D laser scanner, for the detailed measurement and documentation of selected structures.

FARO Helps Preserve a Piece of Chinese Culture

Heritage: Beijing UCESD
To acquire cultural historical status, accurate digital models are required as supporting documents in the application. Documenting a heritage site with 3D laser scanning minimizes impact on the structures since no contact is required.

Ancient City in Mongolian Grasslands Preserved in Digital Scans

Heritage: Nara University
One of the aims of the survey was to build a digital archive of the historical ruins. The research team solely utilized a short range 3D measurement device. However, the range was relatively narrow and made it difficult for researchers to capture a wide range of data.

Expedition to Niah Caves – Sarawak, Malaysia

Surveying: Niah Cave, Malaysia
This study trip was a joint effort to achieve several distinct objectives, namely: to study the geological structure of the caves, to study the ecology of the inhabitants of the caves, and to gather three-dimensional (3D) measurement information for building a model of the Niah Great Cave.

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