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Sydney Build 2019

Location: Royal Hall of Industries & Hordern Pavilion
Date: 14 Mar, 2019 - 15 Mar, 2019

Sydney Build is the largest construction show for Sydney and NSW, taking place at the Royal Hall of Industries & Hordern Pavilion. Sydney Build covers all sectors of the construction industry from residential to commercial to infrastructure. The two-day event showcases all the latest projects and opportunities in Sydney & NSW and connects all the key players in the construction industry.

Automation Expo 2019

Location: Nongnooch Pattaya International Convention and Exhibition (NICE) CHONBURI
Date: 14 Mar, 2019 - 16 Mar, 2019

Achieve absolute potential of international manufacturing within your hand. Through million problems to beyond imaginations, AUTOMATION EXPO strengthen your factory with smart solution from human skill improvement to complete supply chain managements. Meet automation experts and transform your potential to conquer the market of yours through our forum and technology exhibition.

Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference 2019

Location: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
Date: 13 Mar, 2019 - 15 Mar, 2019

The annual Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference is the platform event for the Australian oil and gas industry featuring over 250 exhibiting brands and over 8,000 global visitors.

Webinar: Streamline and Optimize Production Processes Through Innovative & Efficient Mobile Inspection

Location: Online Archive
Date: 02 Aug, 2018

Industry: Manufacturing
This webinar thus aims to explore such challenges and introduces an innovative solution from FARO to tackle them so that manufacturers can streamline and optimize their production processes.

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