Case Studies

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction uses point cloud data for automatic inspection measurement of cross-sectional dimensions of bridge girders. FARO® Laser Scanner adds efficiency to work execution management.

Construction: Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd.
“Then, we hit on the idea of taking measurements with the FocusS 350’s axis turned sideways by 90 degrees. With the gravity sensor switched off, the FocusS 350 allows us to take measurements easily even in a sideways position. This is something only possible with the compact, lightweight FocusS 350,” explains Ms. Rei Takaoka.

High-definition Scanning Makes It Easy to Handle Complex Pipe Fitting Measurements

Automotive: Changzhou Liangxu Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
After the introduction of new product development projects, they have encountered new challenges in the measurement of bent pipes and some sheet metal parts. For example, when the end face is short to a certain extent, the data obtained by the dot method will be misaligned with the actual data, resulting in inaccurate measurement.

FARO Enables 60% Time-Savings for Sheet Metal Fabricator

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication: Veer-O-Metals
At that time, the Veer-O-Metals team depended on vernier calipers and micrometers for the bulk of their measurements. Technicians tasked with measuring large structures such as door frames would typically take an entire day to complete the job. Even then, the accuracy of measurements depended heavily on each technician’s competency.

How to ensure that “cheap special effects” are no longer prevalent? Digital point cloud helps you in creating dreams

Film/Television: Nothton Metrology Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
In 2014, a well-known visual effects company in China contacted Nothton to ask them to provide 3D scanning service for the film scenes of “Mojin -The Lost Legend”. At that time, the Hollywood visual effects supervisor hired by the visual effects company recommended the introduction of 3D scanning technology into the production process of the film, so he found us.

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