FARO® ScanPlan™ 2D Handheld Mapper

FARO® ScanPlan™ is a lightweight, handheld mapper that enables Public Safety & Security Professionals to quickly and easily capture and visualize 2D floor plans for pre-incident planning, threat assessment and crime/fire investigation. FARO ScanPlan supports AEC Professionals by creating 2D as-built documentation, ensuring optimal scan job planning, and forming the basis for effort estimation and quotation.

FARO<sup>®</sup> ScanPlan™ 2D Handheld Mapper

FARO® ScanPlan™ Software



Take the next step in Virtual Reality and immersive training environments with new updates and solutions from FARO.

The present4D is a professional software solution for the creation and play back of 360° based VR presentations. The software installation onto mobile VR headsets is performed through the cloud. The accessibility of this program will make you a VR presentations expert in no time.

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