Alina Burroughs

Sr. Business Development Manager, Public Safety, FARO Technologies
Alina has a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida where she graduated with Honors from the National Criminal Justice Honors Society and the American Criminal Justice Association. During her 21-year career in the law enforcement arena she spent 12 years as a Crime Scene Investigator, obtaining the qualification as a Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst with the International Association for Identification (IAI). She has spent many of those years as an instructor in forensic science and technology. She has received recognition from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for investigative skills and is a published author in the Journal of Forensic Identification.

Alina has experience for multiple nationally broadcast television shows — you might catch her on TV or hear her on a crime podcast from time to time. She has a particular affinity for delving into cold case homicide investigations and applying new technology to solving cases from the past.

At FARO®, Alina is currently the Sr. Business Development Manager for Public Safety where she ensures all our customers’ voices are represented in the products and software FARO creates. She focuses on developing partnerships with institutions which allow our customers to benefit from innovation. Prior to her current role within FARO, Alina was an Applications Engineer — a position which allowed her meet and train FARO customers around the world.

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