Chuck Pfeffer

Director, Strategic Alliances, FARO Technologies
Chuck started his career in metrology in 1994 as an Applications Engineer at SMX, an emerging laser tracker company. Later he worked on GD&T software development and consulted as an Application Support Specialist. In 1998 he moved to Seattle and took on the role of Aerospace Systems Manager, where he provided guidance for the implementation of laser trackers at Boeing, including system approval with MR&D, Cal-Cert, Facilities and Tooling. His efforts contributed to the 747 FAIT program (Fuselage Assembly Improvement Team).

In 2002 Chuck became the Product Manager for the FARO Laser Tracker Division before expanding his role to include product management for all 3D manufacturing. In that role he was instrumental in pioneering the FARO Tracker into the automated fuselage join process for the Airbus A380 in St. Nazaire, France. Chuck is currently the Director of Strategic Alliances working to expand the reach of FARO solutions across all of FARO’s customer segments.

Working as a Product Manager for FARO for more than 20 years, Chuck has gained unique insight from experiencing firsthand many of the biggest measurement challenges in the world.

Chuck served on the Coordinate Metrology Society Executive Committee for seven years, including one year as Chairman. He also established and then participated on the 3D Coordinate Metrology Certification subcommittee.

Chuck has a Bachelor of Science degree in Science and Mathematics from Penn State University and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University.

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