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The power of FARO is our people

The power of FARO is our people

The industry-leading research and technology FARO provides to enable smarter and faster decisions is fueled by people who have spent years building a wealth of knowledge. Meet just a few of our experts who are leading the way forward to a more collaborative, connected and sustainable future.

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Sr. Business Development Manager, Public Safety, FARO Technologies

Alina Burroughs

Alina has a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida where she graduated with Honors from the National Criminal...
Chief Technology Strategist, FARO Technologies

Dr. Bernd-Dietmar Becker

Dr. Bernd-Dietmar Becker is Chief Technology Strategist at FARO and has been with the company for more than 16 years...
Manager, Field Applications Engineers, Public Safety Analytics, FARO Technologies

Brenda Butler

Brenda Butler is a commissioned police officer in Ohio and is a private consultant. She is a state-recognized expert in multiple Ohio counties in areas...
Director, Strategic Alliances, FARO Technologies

Chuck Pfeffer

Chuck started his career in metrology in 1994 as an Applications Engineer at SMX, an emerging laser tracker company. Later he worked on GD&T software...
Director, Research Networks, FARO Technologies

Dr. Denis Wohlfeld

Dr. Denis Wohlfeld is Director of Research Networks at FARO and is globally responsible for funded research projects and innovation management...
Director of Software Development. FARO Technologies

Jafar Amiri Parian

Jafar Amiri Parian is Director of Software Development for FARO Technologies. He holds a bachelor's in surveying and geomatics engineering and a master's...
Field Applications Engineer Public Safety, FARO Technologies

Noreen Charlton

Noreen Charlton currently works as a Field Applications Engineer at FARO Technologies. Formerly, she was a Senior Crime Scene Analyst with the...
Vice President, Marketing Solutions, FARO Technologies

Patrick Bohle

Patrick Bohle is Vice President of Marketing Solutions at FARO. He brings more than 30 years of experience in business development, strategy...
Integrated Marketing Director, 3D Metrology, FARO Technologies

Rich Nobliski

Rich Nobliski is a versatile and adaptable professional with deep understanding of the 3DM market, trends and extensive experience in software. He's making a positive impact in the manufacturing field...
Director Architecture, Engineering and Construction, FARO Technologies

Rob Miller

Technology is continuing to shape the construction industry and as the Director of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) segment for the...
Global Product Manager Architecture, Construction and Engineering, FARO Technologies

Scott Diaz

Scott Diaz is Global Product Manager for FARO Technologies, helping organizations increase their operational efficiency through digital transformation...
Digital Twin Technology will Transform Fault Diagnosis, Predictive Maintenance and Product Development

How Digital Twin Technology will Transform Fault Diagnosis, Predictive Maintenance and Product Development

As if last year needed any more unhappy news, the global scientific community was dealt a serious blow in its closing weeks when the famed Arecibo radio astronomy observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico collapsed...

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