FARO Announces New 4D Construction Progress Management Solution Uniting Point Cloud Data and 360° Reality Capture

Lake Mary, Fla, September 27, 2022FARO® Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: FARO), a global leader in 4D digital reality insights, today announced the 4D Construction Progress Management Solution, available on FARO’s Sphere SaaS platform. Sphere provides a central location for users to capture, view, share and analyze reality capture data allowing construction and operation professionals to benefit from faster site updates, easier virtual collaboration and more reliable progress insights. The 4D Construction Progress Management Solution is being presented today at Autodesk University, a major industry conference, and is expected to be released later this year.

The central component to the 4D Construction Progress Management Solution is the Sphere Viewer, which leverages a combination of computer vision, photogrammetry and artificial intelligence to create a comprehensive virtual jobsite. Developed by FARO’s 360° reality capture and point cloud technology experts, the new viewer analyzes point clouds and 360° photos in a unified environment, removing reality capture data silos and enabling faster analysis.

In addition to the Sphere Viewer, the solution includes: VideoMode, which uses 360° videos to enable faster and easier site documentation, ProgressAI, which uses artificial intelligence to detect and report site progress, as well as a brand-new Robotics API. The new API allows robotic manufacturers to integrate and directly import reality captured data from robots straight into the virtual jobsite. The first robot to leverage the Robotics API will be Spot from Boston Dynamics.

“The 4D Construction Progress Management Solution will deliver unmatched insights for our customers,” said Patrick Bohle, President, FARO Building Insights. “Our 4D solution brings together 3D models from different capture devices and different accuracy levels to ease navigation, increase user accessibility, and enable unprecedented progress management with the ability to report, verify and compare all angles of a project over time.”

“Having been involved in the development of the 4D Construction Progress Management Solution as a long-time engaged customer of HoloBuilder as well as FARO, I am thrilled to witness this combined solution come to fruition. For the first time, we can unite speed, accuracy and analytics capabilities of stationary and mobile 3D laser scanning as well as 360° photo and video,” added Will Plato, Senior VDC Manager at Hensel Phelps, a leader in general contract and construction work for the planning, building and management of landmark buildings. “Gone are the days of static, standalone point cloud and 360° projects.”

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FARO serves the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), O&M (Operations & Maintenance), 3D Metrology, and Public Safety Analytics markets. For over 40 years, FARO has been a pioneer in #RealityCapture, bridging the digital and physical worlds through data-driven reliable accuracy, precision, and immediacy, providing industry-leading technology solutions that enable customers to measure their world and use that data to make smarter decisions faster. For more information, visit www.faro.com.

Media Contact: Jessica Hale, jessica.hale@faro.com 407-333-9911.

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