SCAN2FX Exporter for Maya

Exports FARO SCENE Software panorama scans as projection cameras and shaders for Maya

With the SCAN2FX Exporter for Maya, quickly turn a SCENE scan project into a Maya project for texturing and mesh fixing.

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  • Features
  • System Requirements
  • Licenses
  • Use the projection cameras, image backplanes and materials generated by SCAN2FX to texture a mesh (e.g., exported as OBJ from SCENE into Maya).
  • Paint the texture from different scanned panoramas onto the mesh through Maya’s 3D painting toolset.
  • Control how textures get applied and blend textures from different scans for seamless transitions (e.g., when using different exposures) by using the different materials SCAN2FX Exporter generates.
  • Fill in gaps where no texture exists by painting onto the color channel with a clone brush through Maya’s 3D painting toolset.
  • Fill holes or re-topologize the mesh in Maya, while projecting panorama scans. 

    If you have also licensed the SCAN2FX Texture module, the SCAN2FX Exporter for Maya adds the ability in SCAN2FX Texture to export the textured mesh generated straight to Maya, fully with materials and layers configured, to control how each scan’s contribution gets applied. SCAN2FX Texture computes a texture in an automatic fashion based on the different scans in SCENE, and a OBJ mesh with UV layout. SCAN2FX Exporter is focused on exporting the panoramas and camera from SCENE for projection painting. A SCAN2FX Exporter module is also required to export photo projection cameras generated through SCAN2FX Photo Projector.
  • FARO SCENE 2018+
  • Autodesk Maya required to import the generated files
  • Windows 10+
  • Single user license, 64-bit 
  • 1 year or 3 years


SCAN2FX Exporter for Nuke

Export FARO SCENE Software panorama scans and SCAN2FX Photo Projectors as 3D aligned cameras and projections for Nuke.

FARO® SCENE Software

For processing and managing scan data with real-time on-site registration, automatic object recognition, scan registration and positioning.

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