GeoSLAM ZEB Horizon Mobile Scanner

Your versatile tool to capture, process and understand the world around you.

A handheld LiDAR scanner, suitable for drone mapping applications as well as indoor use. This powerful tool helps make the mapping process simple. With a range of up to 100m, the GeoSLAM ZEB Horizon is great for outdoor use including spaces where features are positioned further apart.

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Business Value of GeoSLAM ZEB Horizon

Transition Through Environments

Seamlessly transition through an area using handheld LiDAR, capturing entire datasets in one go. From interior to exterior, or stairwell to corridor, walking and mapping are made easy with SLAM devices.

Map Hard to Reach Areas

Better understand spaces by capturing hard-to-reach sections of an area. The versatility of mobile LiDAR provides opportunities to lower a scanner into vent shafts or elevate into ceiling voids, without the need for risking user’s safety.

Capture Data Faster

The lightweight nature of a mobile SLAM device unlocks the potential for faster data capture. There isn’t a requirement for multiple setups to provide a desired outcome. Users simply need to switch on the scanner, walk and scan simultaneously, and return to their beginning point.

Repeat Scans as Often as Needed

The ease-of-use mobile scanners provide leads to anybody being able to map an area quickly. The process is repeatable as often as every day, if needed, leading to frequent and up-to-date data for all stakeholders, for more informed and faster decision-making.

It’s Not Just About Data Capture

Data capture is just one component of many workflows. What happens to that data and how information is extracted is equally, if not more, important. A solid software platform, like GeoSLAM Connect, provides the means to process data quickly and offers an array of automated pre-built workflows – such as change detection or floor slices — allowing users to make the most of the data they collect.

Take GeoSLAM Data Further

Following initial processing and analysis, point cloud data can be taken into a range of third party software to make further enhancements and to complement any pre-existing workflows.

Complement Other Forms of Data Capture

Combining SLAM systems with other LiDAR solutions, like the FARO Focus, offers a complete data capture package for an accurate, fast, and repeatable way to obtain point cloud data.

ZEB Horizon Features

  • 300,000 scan points per second
  • 16 sensors
  • Up to 6mm relative accuracy
  • Up to 100-meter range
  • Accessory options to enable users to capture data in other ways

One handheld 3D scanner, so many ways to use it.


Available with real-time data previews, the ZEB Horizon RT allows you to track your progress as you scan. It is the ideal, easy-to-use tool to gain real-time insight into your scans and to see your point cloud being created as you walk.

ZEB Vision

With simple and easy deployment, the ZEB Vision attaches quickly to the ZEB Horizon to capture colourized data and 360° panoramic images in minutes. The 4K resolution increases feature definition of objects within the point cloud, allowing for a new perspective on data by navigating within a virtual representation of an environment.

UAV Mount

Using a standard ZEB Horizon with one of our quick release drone mounts, you can go from walking to flying in minutes. Drone mounts compatible with DJI Matrice 300 and the Freefly Alta 8, Alta 8 Pro and Alta X.

Vehicle Mount

Using the ZEB car mount, the ZEB Horizon can be securely mounted to a vehicle to collect data up to 30mph/48kmph. Suitable for collecting data for areas such as small roads, town centers, residential streets.

ZEB Locate

Using the ZEB Locate paired with a GNSS receiver, connect your point cloud to the real world, without the need for external control points.

Cradle and Pole

Elevate or lower your ZEB Horizon into difficult spaces. The cradle allows you to mount your ZEB for vertical deployment underground and difficult to access or hazardous areas such as manholes, vent shafts, silos, sinkholes and bridges. The lightweight carbon fiber pole allows you to mount your ZEB for mapping at height and difficult to access or hazardous areas such as ceiling voids, stockpiles and infrastructure inspection.

Mining: Rapid Site Information for the Modern Mine

The ZEB Horizon is an ideal tool for capturing both overground and underground data, due to its rate of data capture and range capabilities. Capture data for stockpile volumetric calculations, production progress mapping, convergence analysis, or vertical shaft inspection. Reduce risk to human life with limited exposure to dangerous environments and optimize mining operations for better returns on investment.

Real Estate: Map Properties Quicker for the Creation of Floorplans

Seamlessly transition from room to room in a property using the ZEB Horizon to capture all the internal data required for creating accurate floorplans. Provide a service that requires minimal effort for data capture, doesn’t disrupt residents or businesses, provides a fast cost-efficient service and provides a great return on investment. Use GeoSLAM Connect’s automated Floorslices workflow to slice through the individual floors from the dataset, leaving a precise image of the floorplan ready for modelling.

Forestry: LiDAR Mapping for Rapid Data Collection and Analysis for Forest Management

Using a laser scanner that’s handheld or mounted to a drone or vehicle is one of the easiest ways to capture data. Mobile mapping systems can map large areas in a short amount of time, and across tough terrains. The data accuracy is high enough for many forestry applications, and the ease of use of the data capture makes it repeatable. LiDAR in forestry has many practical applications that range from providing data to aid precision forestry or forest mapping, to biodiversity applications such as pollution modeling and to assist carbon absorption estimations.

Construction: Review Change Over Time Frequently

Ensure your construction projects remain on track by reviewing changes over time. SLAM provides a method of data capture so fast and accurate that analysis of progress is viable monthly, weekly, or even daily, without disruption to daily activities. Avoid heavy fines and provide all stakeholders with concrete updates on the progress of the build, as often as needed. Use the change detection workflow in GeoSLAM Connect to automate this process, with easy-to-understand PDF reports.

ZEB Horizon Barberton Mines case Study
Case Study

How Barberton Mines use handheld LiDAR to Improve Efficiency

Operational for 130 years, Barberton mines has evaluated new technologies and chose GeoSLAM to help make its mining processes fast, safe, and cost-effective.
ZEB Horizon Barberton Mines case Study
Case Study

The role of LiDAR in bringing ‘Industry 4.0’ to Norwegian forestry

Learn how mobile LiDAR is used within forestry to capture 3D datasets of canopies to further understand the trees within and to bring 'Industry 4.0' to Norwegian forests.

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