FARO® Visual InspectTM Software

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Searching through mountains of paperwork to find technical information wastes precious time. Go paperless with FARO Visual Inspect Augmented Reality (AR). This powerful visual inspection software lets you access CAD data on a mobile device so you can compare it to an actual product directly on the shop floor in real time through visual overlays. The differences are obvious and can be easily documented and shared across teams. 

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FARO Visual InspectTM Augmented Reality Software

Close the Gap, Anywhere

AR closes the gap between real and virtual worlds, and mobility makes complex 3D data available right on the shop floor.

Create an Intelligent Link

Shareable 3D data allows for greater collaboration among product development, production, logistics and customers.

Develop the Best Products

Access to 3D data ensures consistency and efficiency in product manufacturing.

Eliminate Paperwork

Virtual CAD data reduces the need for paper-based technical specs and inspection forms.

Save Time

With product development data at your fingertips during production, you’ll manage checks and control procedures faster than ever before.

Reduce Scrap and Rework

Shop-floor personnel can perform visual inspection for quality tasks (absence/presence, stud/weld placement and feature locations, etc.) through the intuitive AR interface on a tablet to catch errors before they require rework.

Ensure Traceability

Text annotations and images ensure manufacturing and inspection traceability, as well as status documentation.

Visual Inspect AR Performance


The Powerful Mobile Visual Inspection Technology

Visual Inspect AR allows for intuitive viewing and use of complex 3D data and workflow details on a mobile device. The CAD interface allows operators to convert 3D data into a highly compressed format for optimal data management and incredibly fast loading of large data sets.

Visual Inspect AR Features

Intuitive Touch Functions

Simplify the processes of zooming, translating and rotating 3D data directly on a tablet.

Measuring Functions

Get additional useful details, such as absolute and relative measurements of points, edges and surfaces, as well as radii and angles.

Sectioning of Parts or Assemblies

Use Visual Inspect AR in 2D, 3D, or filled or unfilled views.

Documentation Capabilities

Mark errors and offer advice through annotations (text and images), and define the status of special features.

Embedded Image Editor

Enhance documentation images with sketch elements and detailed issue descriptions.

QR Scan

Access 3D data via QR scan. No need to know the name of the part.

Model Media Manager

Ensure easy processing and secure data handling.

AR with Markers

Ensure precise alignment of virtual and real worlds.

AR without Markers

Create a precise overlay by connecting 3D CAD points with 2D image points.

CAD Overlay

Add location- and time-independent CAD data to pictures taken on-site.

3D Metrology Applications


Enhanced Quality Control and Inspection

Improve industrial automation quality control in the aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment and shipbuilding industries with the ability to see defects and inconsistencies at a quick glance. Use Visual Inspect AR for incoming inspection and quality checks throughout the production process. It’s your go-to visual inspection tool. See all quality control and inspection applications >


Tool and Die Error Detection without De-assembly 

Eliminate the potential errors coming from CAD data to CAD systems in as little as five minutes. Virtually control all parts before assembly, saving time, money and rework costs. Transparent shaded mode is particularly useful when evaluating pocket and contact faces.


Streamlined Production, Fabrication and Assembly

Bring Visual Inspect AR’s full-featured mobile shop floor viewer to your operations or your supplier’s. The readily available CAD information will help improve parts assembly management and manufacturing equipment alignment, and allows you to document progress at any stage of production or fabrication. See all production, fabrication and assembly applications > 


Virtual Validation of Assembled Parts

Determine whether an apparent defect comes from the wrong assembly or from inaccurate design work. With Visual Inspect AR, users can compare the design stand to the actual live component. 


Stud and Welding Bolt Control

With an AR overlay, users can easily proof if all studs and welding spots are processed correctly. Avoid the headache of when assembled parts don’t fit, and provide automotive OEMs the latest tool to eliminate this problem.


Leveraging AR to Streamline Your Manufacturing Processes

Visual Inspect AR allows for inspection and documentation throughout the manufacturing process.

Trade In Your Old Equipment

We’ll take your old 3D metrology, imaging or realization hardware or software — any brand, any condition — and apply its value toward your purchase of the latest FARO solution. The FARO Xchange program makes your upgrade easy..

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Visual Inspect AR

This market-leading inspection solution streamlines manufacturing processes.

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