Quantum Max with Multiple Laser Line Probes Solves the "One-Size-Fits-All" Challenge

When it comes to performing accurate 3D measurement or inspection on small-to medium-sized parts, no tool can match the utility, speed, and accuracy of an optical portable measurement arm — a ScanArm.

The heart of a ScanArm is the Laser Line Probe, or LLP, which allows tens of millions of data points to be captured during the measurement process. In many years of perfecting LLPs, we have learned that choosing the right LLP is not always a “one-size-fits-all” proposition. There are whole parts, specific features, or areas on a part where you need the most accurate scan possible. And sometimes getting the part digitized quickly to maintain production speed is what’s most important.

That’s why FARO® is offering multiple, purpose-built, hot-swappable LLPs for its newest FARO Quantum Max ScanArm. To get the inspection job done as quickly and precisely as possible, multiple LLPs are the solution. Designed to meet a variety of small and medium-sized measurement needs, the LLPs — xR, xP and xS — ensure that users are no longer forced to choose between speed, accuracy, resolution, or a combination of all three.

Regardless of which LLP operators select, Quantum Max maximizes productivity and measurement as each LLP is enhanced with FARO CLR (Continuous Light Rectification) technology, which provides users the highest quality scan data on dark, translucent, and reflective surfaces and eliminates the need for sprays, time-consuming surface preparation, and cleanup while avoiding finished product contamination.

Here is a breakdown of each LLP and its ideal use:

  • xR: Suited for high-precision tasks or areas on a part with tight tolerances to capture data at highest accuracy and best resolution possible
  • xP: Offers a balance of the xR for resolution and the xS for speed so coverage and accuracy blend together for overall productivity
  • xS: Best for large parts or expansive surface areas when data collection speed is top priority — an extra‑wide laser stripe delivers double the coverage in a single pass, allowing users to collect data up to 2.6X faster than xR and 1.6X faster than the xP

Quantum Max further maximizes speed and accessibility with its kinematic mount that allows each LLP to be interchanged with seamless ease. Additionally, the portable measurement arm is fitted with a small, lightweight end effector, allowing users to better access hard-to-reach confined spaces while reducing operator fatigue.

In addition to the 2.5-meter, 3-meter, 3.5-meter, and 4-meter models, the Quantum Max offers a 2-meter model as well. The 2-meter Quantum Max combined with the xR probe is the highest accuracy ScanArm in the industry today. With this level of accuracy and cross-functional use, more applications for ScanArm become possible, enabling a much greater return on investment, along with the opportunity to win more projects and deliver greater customer satisfaction.

Smart factory ready, Quantum Max is fully compatible with FARO CAM2® software whose Repeat Part Management feature allows guided inspection routines to be pre-programmed into the software. Operators can now perform the exact same inspection routine, minimizing variability and maximizing repeatability.

One-size-fits-all might work for some applications. But when every measurement counts and dollars and customer demand are at stake, only the power of precision will get you the results your business seeks.

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