What's new with BuildIT Metrology 2021

BuildIT Metrology 2021

We are proud to introduce BuildIT Metrology 2021, the latest release of our flagship software. Before you try out the new version, here are a few of the new features included in this release.

User Experience

Inspection Annotations

Annotations can now be defined prior to performing any measurement. They will be computed and populated dynamically as new measurements are added. Those dynamic annotations are supported for points, lines and curves, and surfaces.

Surface annotations can now be evaluated without requiring an explicit association between a geometry and measurements. The annotation will be computed using points found in its neighborhood.

Computation speed of annotations has also been improved. This allows updating a much higher number of annotations seamlessly as devices are relocated and realigned.

dynamic annotations BuildIT Metrology 2021

Document Properties

Decimals and units are now model-specific. Working simultaneously with files that require different formats is easier and more convenient.

document properties BuildIT Metrology 2021

Object Manager

Deviation analyses can be performed in a single click via any feature’s right-click menu.

Tolerances can be evaluated directly from the “Features” group.

Show/Hide shortcut has been added to the right-click menus of objects.

object manager 1 BuildIT Metrology 2021object manager 2 BuildIT Metrology 2021

Excel Report

Excel reports can now contain saved views as well as any extended characters.

Report generation speed has also been improved.

excel report BuildIT Metrology 2021


FARO Laser Tracker Improvements

Wi-Fi connections in general can sometimes be unstable, especially in factories and other high-interference environments.

BuildIT integrates the latest FARO Laser Tracker SDK to provide a more seamless experience by handling disconnections and reconnections automatically.

This SDK also allows shortening the startup time by skipping the warm-up period.

Optimal accuracy is maintained by performing regular accuracy checks until thermal stability is attained.

faro tracker BuildIT Metrology 2021


Runout and total runout GD&T tolerances are now supported with any DRF that frees the degrees of freedom required for a proper evaluation of those tolerances.

gd&t BuildIT Metrology 2021


Spiral Search

The search area for doing a spiral search with a FARO Laser Tracker can now be defined using the radius only. The distance parameter is computed and updated dynamically.

spiral search BuildIT Metrology 2021


Faster Alignments and Analyses

Introduction of a new "Fast" setting for alignments and analyses.

By trading a few microns in accuracy, the alignments and analyses can get a boost in speed.

Depending on the size of the point cloud and complexity of the model, the alignments and analyses can be between 10 to a 100 times faster!

analysis speed BuildIT Metrology 2021

Clipping Box in Split Clouds

A new convenient method for splitting clouds has been introduced in the "Split Clouds" command.

The clipping box can be moved and resized by conveniently grabbing the arrows and rings.

SplitClouds_BuildIT Metrology 2021


Auto-Complete, Syntax Highlighting and Documentation

Auto-complete and syntax highlighting are now available in the process editor to streamline writing automated processes. Tooltips can also be displayed for providing documentation on-the-fly.

process editor BuildIT Metrology 2021

Running any BuildIT Command from Python

The Python interface has been expanded to allow running all BuildIT commands directly from the Python interpreter.

It is now possible to write complete automated processes in Python only.

python processes BuildIT Metrology 2021

python BuildIT Metrology 2021

Python Syntax Helper

The Python Syntax Helper tool provides the right syntax as well as parameter names and types for each command. A search field allows finding commands conveniently.

The Syntax Helper can also convert existing BuildIT processes into their Python equivalent.

More information on the tool can be found under “Help: Python Interface”, in the “Overview” section.

syntax_helper BuildIT Metrology 2021

Password Lock for Processes

Processes can be password-protected for preventing them being edited in the process editor.

password lock BuildIT Metrology 2021

Websocket RPC Server

BuildIT now provides a Websocket-based RPC (remote procedure call) server.

This server allows interfacing with BuildIT remotely via WebSocket. Available actions include:

  • Launching commands and processes
  • Exchanging data
  • Fetching real-time model information
  • Triggering measurements
  • Etc.

A Python and a JavaScript API are available for developing client applications.

More information can be found on FARO Knowledge Base

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