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BuildIT Projector 2021 Hero - what's new

BuildIT Projector 2021 offers a range of updates to streamline one-off projection workflows, including enhanced automation capabilities and an all-new Instant Projection workbench. Plus, the ability to manage the projector from a phone, tablet or gamepad puts the control of your laser projection workflows into your hands — literally.

Watch the overview video or check out the features breakdown below to learn more.


Instant Projection

Streamlined Interface

The new Instant Projection workbench is tailored for projection in low production environments (one-off workflows). In this case, no planning is needed; it is the fastest way to go from importing the CAD model to projection.

Drag-and-drop your CAD file into BuildIT, which will import it whether it is a 2-dimensional DWG, or a full Solidworks CAD. Then follow these 3 steps:

  1. Connect Projector(s)
  2. Align Projector, picking alignment points from the CAD on the fly.
  3. Project Geometries, which projects your selections in real-time.

Pick Alignment Points on the Fly

The TracerSI lets you align directly to features on the part. For those workflows, the best way to proceed is as follows:

  1. Pick an alignment point Coordinate from the CAD.
  2. Aim the scanbox at it, scan, and accept if the contrast is good enough.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have an alignment. At this point it will project the selection in Validation Geometries.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the projection is accurate enough.

This new workflow is straightforward and easy to learn — perfect for any user that needs to project as fast as possible.

Project Instantly

Once aligned, the Project Geometry command is all you need. It lets you select surfaces, lines and points, and projects them immediately upon selection. The Apply button is there if you would like to create a layer you can later recall, but that is entirely optional.

Adjust your projection on the fly if you wish to project a subsection. Remember: Use the Shift button for a rectangle selection. Ctrl + Shift to add to the current selection.


Gamepad Remote

In this version, one gamepad remote can control multiple projectors, allowing the operator to spend more time assembling and less time walking back and forth from the computer station.


Mobile Remote

The mobile remote has several new features. Most notably, it contains all the controls needed to run an alignment routine.

Connection to the remote is easy, BuildIT will display a QR code which your phone can read using the camera app. As long as it is on the same network as the computer, it will open the mobile remote via the web browser, whether you are running Android or iOS. No installation required.


Layer-Level Automation

BuildIT’s automation capabilities are virtually unparalleled in the industry.

These capabilities can now be leveraged as part of a projection plan, as layers now have a Layer Process property, which specifies which process should be automatically launched when the operator reaches this layer. Your imagination is the limit, but here are a few to inspire you:

  • Turn a light from green to yellow to red as the elapsed time crosses a desired threshold for that layer.
  • Send a notification to a supervisor to come do the Visual Inspection.
  • Guide the user through a mandrel rotation followed by a realignment.
  • Automatically generate a report.
  • Launch a supporting file such as a PDF or a video.

These can be created by FARO® for your custom implementation, or an automation training can enable you to create and edit them at your convenience.

Import LAP Projection Files

We have added another format to our projection importer: LAP Laser Projection, *.LPD. Note that LAP also works with native DWG and DXF, which are formats we already import.


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