Forensic experts reduce overtime by 25% & improve courtroom deliverables

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SUCCESS CASE: OEC Forensics Achieves Complete Preservation of Evidence with 3D Laser Scanning

Forensic experts reduce overtime 25% & improve courtroom deliverables
As a forensic engineering firm specialized in motor vehicle collision analysis and reconstruction, OEC Forensics is dependent on their expert team and the latest technology to analyze physical evidence, ensure objective results and maintain a commitment to accuracy and reliability.

However, OEC Forensics found themselves with a few challenges in achieving these objectives, and set out to assess and find a solution.



OEC Forensics had a few challenges that were limiting their efficiency and quality of client deliverables:

  • They were spending too much time on the scene collecting data
  • They sometimes found they had missed measurements
  • They did not have a method for documenting scenes in a way that provides compelling courtroom presentations
  • And they had a problem obtaining higher levels of precision and accuracy when they had to occupy the point of interest


To best assess what solutions they should consider, they had to evaluate the particulars of their current operations:



  • Location: Littleton, CO
  • Size: 5-9 employees
  • Industry: Forensic Services


OEC Forensics’ engineers gather evidence, analyze the obtained data and develop conclusions regarding, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Severity
  • Causation
  • Rules of the road
  • Driver avoidance issues
  • Comparative negligence
  • Occupant kinematics
  • Safety system use and operation
  • Contribution to the collision from vehicle components and roadway elements


Scene documentation methods included:

  • Tape measure
  • Total station
  • Camera / photogrammetry

The root cause of their problem became evident – their current scene documentation and measurement methods were not efficient or effective.

That is when they turned to 3D laser scanning technology for a superior data collection solution that allowed for complete digitalization of incident scenes – the FARO Focus Laser Scanner and the FARO Freestyle3D Handheld Scanner.


Upon adopting the FARO Focus Laser Scanner and FARO Freestyle3D Handheld Scanner, OEC Forensics achieved significant success and improvement to their processes:

  • They achieved dramatically more accurate measurements
  • They were able to generate 3D representation of scenes
  • They improved safety and precision by being able to stand away from the subject, such as a busy road
  • They decreased overtime by about 25% since using the Focus and Freestyle3D
  • And they saw the quality of presentations and courtroom deliverables greatly improved
“[FARO] allows for the complete documentation of a subject, whether it be a roadway, vehicle, oil field or some other type of complex geometry. The high-definition point cloud data allows for accurate and precise measurement of points of interest, as well as thorough documentation of data that is often overlooked or inadvertently missed while documenting using traditional methods.”

-Jerry Ogden, PhD, OEC Forensics



FARO’s solutions can help you digitally capture a crime, crash or fire scene, analyze the data in 3D and deliver significantly more impactful courtroom material.

From our hardware – such as the FARO Focus Laser Scanners and FARO Freestyle3D Handheld Laser Scanner – to our application software – such as FARO SCENE and FARO Zone 3D and 2D – we engineer our solutions specifically for public safety and forensics professionals.

*This success case of OEC Forensics is based on an April 2017 survey of FARO Technologies, Inc. customers conducted by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

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