FARO Focus Premium

FARO Focus Premium Steam

Building on FARO's history of accuracy and reliability, the FARO ® Focus Premium Laser Scanner is the fastest, most accurate and most data-sharing-enabled scanner on the market to date, featuring entirely new components with a proven design.

Focus Premium provides exceptional capturing efficiency, data quality and accuracy for professional applications across the construction, public safety, operations & maintenance and manufacturing markets, while offering data quality at faster scan speeds (up to 1 minute per scan) reducing onsite scanning time by up to 50%. Meanwhile, faster loading and system response yields greater data management efficiency when paired with the new FARO Stream mobile app and uploaded to the new FARO Sphere cloud-based collaboration platform.

Top features include: up to 350m scanning range (leading to superior area coverage per scan position), smartphone-enabled remote control capabilities, (limited only by the range of a Wi-Fi network) and improved wireless workflow with more stable and faster Wi-Fi operation.

But Focus Premium isn’t just a standalone product. FARO's complementary products — FARO Sphere and FARO Stream (which serves as the data bridge between Focus Premium and Sphere) — create a powerful union of three distinct technologies, enabling users to capture with confidence and connect their world anytime, anywhere. Through Stream, the latest update includes a new colorized scan mode feature, Hybrid Reality Capture, powered by Flash Technology. With Flash Technology, users can capture large-volume projects with greater speed and accuracy, thanks to the merging of a panoramic 360° image with an upscaled 3D point cloud.

Whether it’s for Building Information Modeling (BIM), industrial facility management and infrastructure projects, or improved construction quality control, historic preservation and the sending of scan data for digital twinning for asset and facility management, the new Focus, paired with Sphere, via Stream, enables enhanced workflow efficiencies that will drive business success.

Download and read the full brochure to learn how you can harness the accuracy, speed and connectivity of FARO's new Focus Premium Laser Scanner along with Flash Technology and its companion software and cloud-based solutions.

Design & Plan
Engineering & Design
Maintain & Operate
Surveying & Measurement
As-Built Capture & Modeling
Construction Quality Control
Digital Twin for Asset & Facility Management
Failure Investigation
Historical Preservation
Product Design & Engineering
Quality Control & Inspection
Architecture, Engineering & Construction
3D Scanners
Mobile Mapping Systems
Software - Architecture, Engineering & Construction
Architecture, Engineering, Construction

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