FARO Focus Premium Laser Scanner for Public Safety

FARO Focus Premium

Building on our history of accuracy and reliability, the FARO® Focus Premium Laser Scanner is the fastest, most accurate and connected scanner for public safety professionals to date, featuring entirely new components with a proven design.

The Focus Premium provides exceptional capturing efficiency, data quality and accuracy for public safety professionals while offering data quality at faster scan speeds. It can reduce on-scene scanning time by up to 50% using your regular settings. Meanwhile, faster loading and system response yields greater data management efficiency when paired with the new FARO Stream mobile app, a solution Focus Premium operators can use on-scene to take pre-registration scans.

And with the new Hybrid Reality Capture, powered by Flash Technology, an optional scan mode through the Stream Mobile app, users can benefit from even faster fully colorized pre-incident planning scans, ideal for large spaces like industrial complexes and schools.

Download the brochure to learn how this advanced forensic technology solution and can benefit arson, crash and crime investigations, deliver superior pre-incident planning data (with Flash Technology) and more, without compromising on evidence collection or analysis.

Public Safety Analytics
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Law Enforcement
Crash Reconstruction
Crime Scene Investigation
Arson Investigation
Failure Investigation
Safety Planning
Court Presentation
Reconstruction & Analysis
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