With the FARO As-Built Software Suite, CAD & BIM modeling has never been easier

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FARO® As-Built™ Suite programs are innovative and profitable tools for complete and efficient conversion of reality capture data into CAD and BIM models. As-Built delivers powerful industry-specific functionality for easy, precise, seamless and efficient evaluation. The software suite includes three separate programs in its family of products. Each program guarantees the most direct workflow from any captured reality data, such as a laser scanner. Unlike other multi-vendor offerings, As-Built Software Suite offers an easy-to-use, seamlessly integrated fast path to as-built CAD and BIM models by dramatically reducing the time for model extraction, minimizing the amount of construction rework, controlling project costs and increasing delivery quality.
Architecture, Engineering & Construction
As-Built Capture & Modeling
Design Layout & Projection
Construction Quality Control
Architecture, Engineering, Construction
Software - Architecture, Engineering & Construction
3D Scanners
Design & Plan

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