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How 3D Laser Scanners are improving crash reconstruction

Viewpoint Case study

With busy traffic on the roads creating a dangerous work environment, how can collision investigators get the most accurate and precise readings as quickly as possible? Pete Davey and his team at Viewpoint Investigative Services, Ltd. have faced these challenges for years in their work inspecting road collisions.

But in 2018, their team made the switch to the FARO® Focus Laser Scanner — along with FARO SCENE Software and FARO Zone 3D Software. Now, their daily jobs are totally transformed by the capabilities of 3D data capture.

“With the Laser Scanner, it’s much more like a photograph,” Davey said. “When you compare the total station [their previous work instrument] to a scanner, there’s no competition there.”

The power of FARO Laser Scanners has made such an impression that Viewpoint’s work has attracted attention from the local police force and insurance companies, who want to see and use the scans.

Davey said that the material they’re producing “is more valuable for the people who are receiving it.”

Read the case study and learn why Laser Scanners are quickly becoming the new standard for scene investigation and analysis in public safety.

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