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Kindig-It Design, Can Dig It Thanks to FARO 3D Measurement Solutions

Premium Custom Car Restoration Leader
Kindig-It Design, Can Dig It Thanks to FARO 3D Measurement Solutions

For the talented men and women who call Salt Lake City-based Kindig-it Design their home away from home, getting the job done right means a high-octane 9 to 5, which mixes lifelong automotive passion with precision detail in equal measure.

That’s because in the business of custom car restoration and remodeling, every component of a car matters. And every customers’ dream for what they envision as the perfect vehicle — custom dash, custom mirrors, custom roof, custom engine, etc. — needs to be given serious thought before those hopes and desires can be brought to life. It’s what energetic company founder and CEO, Dave Kindig, might call a “bitchin’ ride,” borrowing from the namesake of his hit reality TV show Bitchin’ Rides, as seen on the MotorTrend television network.

Recently, in an effort to accelerate their processes and drive new business opportunities, the company incorporated a Quantum Max FaroArm, a portable coordinate measuring machine, into their workflow. Read the full case study to find out how the Quantum Max scanarm and scanarm software helps classic car restoration companies like Kindig-It Design and automotive companies in general streamline workflows, while increasing accuracy and precision.

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