Case Study

ICI 3D scans its way to automotive aftermarket success


CASE STUDY: Thanks to the FARO® Design ScanArm, ICI engineers have accelerated the laborious measurement process, allowing more time for design and creativity.

A long-time supplier of stainless steel trim products, Innovative Creations Inc. (ICI) was faced with a need to upload its long-standing design processes, especially the way in which it captured vehicle measurements as a basis for building the core 3D CAD models to initiate accessory designs.

After evaluating a number of options, ICI opted for adopting the FARO® Design ScanArm, a high-resolution scanning device targeted specifically for reverse engineering and CAD-based design applications. This swap of manual measurement for 3D scanning has allowed ICI to significantly reduce its design time and consequently, release products to market much faster.

Case Study
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