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Vantage S Laser Tracker is key in Canyon Hydro’s long-term growth

Vantage S Laser Tracker is key in Canyon Hydros long-term growth
CASE STUDY: Quicker, More Accurate Measurement Tools Make it Possible

“With the Vantage S, I’d say we could probably do in three hours what it would normally take a day to do. Plus, it’s more accurate. It’s a double win … The Vantage S helps make our services and products much more valuable. The cleaner a job we can do from the start, the more profitable we will be, and the more pleased our customers will be.” - Simon Graves:, Design Engineer, Canyon Hydro

Canyon Hydro builds hydroelectric systems producing anywhere from 10 kilowatts up to 25 megawatts. To provide its customers with the most relevant solutions, Canyon Hydro has adopted FARO® Laser Tracker technology to boost the speed and accuracy of fabrication, installations and alignment of hydroelectric systems. Large-part dimensions, tight tolerance specs and international standards contributed to Canyon Hydro investing in a FARO® Vantage S Laser Tracker.
Case Study
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