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FARO WebShare Enterprise Software

WebShare Software

WebShare Enterprise is a digital twin hosting platform for companies requiring easy, on-demand access to 3D facility conditions while maintaining privacy away from the cloud. The software offers organizations a true on-premise server or private cloud hosted experience to view, navigate, collaborate, plan and download 3D reality capture data in industry standard formats.

Install locally on your company server or on the private cloud instance of your choice (such as AWS, Azure or Google), giving your organization full control of hosted data and security infrastructure. WebShare Enterprise is hardware-agnostic and supports 3D reality data of unlimited size, to be stored, viewed, evaluated shared by authorized persons only, anywhere and anytime, using a web browser. All common industry standard formats for downloading reality data are supported, enabling seamless and collaborative Scan-to-BIM and design validation workflows.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction
As-Built Capture & Modeling
Construction Prefabrication
Construction Quality Control
Design Layout & Projection
Digital Twin for Asset & Facility Management
Architecture, Engineering, Construction
Design & Plan
Software - Architecture, Engineering & Construction
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