Tech Sheet

Focus Laser Scanners

Focus S Plus Laser Scanner

Laser Scanners for Short, Medium and Long Range Applications

FARO® Focus Laser Scanners are specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor measurements in industries such as Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Public Safety and Forensics or Product Design. All devices capture real world information used in the digital world to analyze, collaborate and execute decisions to improve and maintain the overall project and product quality.

The FocusS Laser Scanner series offers advanced functionality. In addition to increased distance, angular accuracy, and range, the FocusS and FocusS Plus scanners’ on-site compensation function ensures high-quality measurements, while external accessory bays and HDR functionality make the scanner extremely flexible.
Tech Sheet
Architecture, Engineering & Construction
Public Safety Analytics
As-Built Capture & Modeling
Historical Preservation
Crash Reconstruction
Crime Scene Investigation
Construction Prefabrication
Construction Quality Control
Design Layout & Projection
Digital Twin for Asset & Facility Management
Safety Planning
Failure Investigation
Architecture, Engineering, Construction
Law Enforcement
Energy & Natural Resources
Forensic Engineering
Fire and Rescue
Measurement Service Providers
3D Scanners

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