Parker Hannifin Unlocks Manufacturing Precision

With FARO's Traceable 3D Target-based Laser Scanning

There are many advantages to maintaining facility data over time — especially when a manufacturing company is interested in remodeling parts of their factory or making layout changes for production purposes.

Having 3D facility data can be the difference between a smooth remodel and one where you’re constantly coordinating with suppliers who need to come to your plant “ten times a day to measure, and are calling you every day” for information, according to Sune Eriksson of Parker Hannifin.

Even a modest project can generate an incredible amount of data, and traceable 3D target-based laser scanning excels in situations like this — using specialized mounted targets to provide fixed anchor points for repeatable scan alignment. This ensures that even when there are changes to a physical environment, historical scan data can be maintained.

Manufacturing is a realm of constant change and innovation. It demands solutions that are as dynamic as the industry itself. Watch this video case study to learn how Parker Hannifin is using FARO 3D measurement tools to stay ahead of the competition, saving time and resources with 3D reality capture solutions.

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