Accelerating Digital Twin Development

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In modern manufacturing processes, the ability to deliver complex solutions drives innovation — but with increased complexity comes the need for accurate information sharing across the enterprise to ensure everyone works from a single source of truth. With developments in 3D reality capture, IoT and predictive analytics, this single source of truth can be represented by a geometrical Digital Twin of your assets. This shared data source provides the organization with an invaluable tool for remote collaboration and reveals previously unforeseen insights.

Effective reality capture and accurate data are foundational to any Digital Twin. For true success, companies must also aid in the upskilling of employees to guarantee that these new structures provide maximum benefit. This parallel development of technology and cultivation of employees will enable the change of mindset within your organization to view physical and digital infrastructure as a single connected entity that must be maintained in unison for overall operational success.


Magnus Rönnäng | Segment Director |FARO® Technologies

As a Segment Director at FARO, Magnus oversees business and product development for the facility management portion of FARO's portfolio. He is dedicated to understanding and providing solutions for customers who own or manage operations within buildings they maintain — offering tools to aid in production planning, manufacturing engineering, logistics and facility remodeling. With a background in the automotive industry, Magnus has a profound understanding of how PLM, facility management and 3D reality capture technology can intersect to create deep operational business benefits.

Watch this webinar recording to learn:

  • How to collect accurate and reliable reality capture data for facility operations and maintenance.
  • How to break down silo culture in your organization with a single source of truth.
  • How to implement model-based working/digital twin without increasing complexity.
  • How to upskill your organization to new ways of working for true democratization of data.
  • How to gain organizational buy-in and provide ROI.
  • How to highlight your objectives and outline your roadmap to stakeholders and business users.
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