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FARO is very accurate and extremely helpful in my realm of work: quality assurance. Using the FaroArm and Laser Tracker allows me to verify the parts we manufacture to print. It is extremely versatile, and FARO offers great customer support whenever needed.
Joshua Mendez
C&D Zodiac Aerospace
As for a single, portable and practicable CMM, FARO just can’t be compared to. Its features and ease of use makes it one of the most sought-after pieces of hardware for inspection and even design purposes.
Bryan Hook
Hubner Manufacturing Co.
The scanner eliminates uncertainty because it captures everything in the scene. This resolves any counterclaim of missed evidence.
Captain Brent Worth
Morgan County Sheriff’s Office
Makes prototype inspection a lot easier.
Mark Kalp
Wheeler Bros Inc.
Using the FaroArm, we are now able to check and rework until our parts are in perfect tolerance with the CAD models. This accuracy has gained us customers, and now we are able to have work sent to us, just to be scanned, and returned. This arm has created multiple new jobs for us!
Jordan Parker
Diversified Pattern & Engineering Co Inc.
Accuracy and repeatability [have] been greatly improved on the floor, and it’s so easy to take around the warehouse.
Jason Chen
O’Neal Steel Inc.
I use our FaroArm to measure out our optical benches and prototype design parts. It is very easy to use.
Orthell Adams
Continental Automotive GmbH (VDO)
I’ve been using FARO products for more than 20 years and have been very successful. I’ve used them in many industrial settings, all over the world.
Peter Tavis
Thermal Structures Inc.
I have used FaroArms for 13 years, at multiple locations, and find the product, technology and support to be first-class.
Richard Uber
Metcam Inc.
The Arms are one of the best things going in measurement today.
Ron Maples
Ducommun Inc.
Our FARO tool has been extremely useful in our manufacturing operations for checking critical dimensions and also to evaluate work pieces for customer requests.
Josh Ford
LMC Workholding