FARO Forensic Workshop in Tacoma, WA – Making Investigations Faster, Easier & Safer

Dates: 20 Feb, 2018 - 20 Feb, 2018
Location: Pierce County Sheriff's Office, 495 Shandon Wright Way S. Tacoma, WA 98444
Contact: Joe Goffin, Account Manager - FARO, Forensic Workshop Instructor
Phone: 425-760-6526

Time: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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Join us for a full-day and hands-on exploration of 3D data capture tools, software and deliverables. In this educational workshop, we will dive into 3D data capture and diagramming tools that will help your investigations get done faster, easier and safer, while simultaniously improving the quality of data captured and your courtroom presentations.

See how 3D scanning has changed and improved forensic investigation forever.

The FARO Forensic Workshop instructors are all industry experts with years of experience in forensic investigation. Bring your questions about ease-of-use, accuracy and how using a 3D scanner compares to your current measurement techniques.

• Learn how to quickly set up a laser scanner and begin measuring and documenting a scene in minutes.
• Watch field-to-finish demonstrations on the latest 3D scanning technologies with real-time Q&A.
• Explore how to use leading forensic software to create accurate and dynamic courtroom exhibits from point cloud data.
• Network with your peers

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