Combining Laser Scans with Drone Footage for Efficient and Effective Investigations

Dates: 04 Mar, 2019 - 04 Mar, 2019
Location: Online Webinar

Time: 1:00 PM- 2:00 PM EST

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Are You Using the Right Tools for the Job?

No two scenes are the same and each brings its unique set of challenges. They can happen day or night, in any weather, and with any number of other circumstances.You need a bird’s eye view for context but also a high-level accuracy for evidence capture. It needs to be complete, accurate, and at times done quickly to open roads faster, reduce time on scene, or to go to the next call. Sounds like a tall order, right? By using both laser scanners and drones, you can capture the scene efficiently and merge the data to create a complete view of the scene memorialized in 3D where you can revisit and analyze anytime.


  • Understand how drones and laser scanners work together to document a scene
  • Dive into scenarios and applications when it is the best to use
  • Learn step-by-step the process to merge drone data with laser scanner data in FARO Zone
  • Hear from industry experts and users leverage this technique



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