FARO® CAM2® SmartInspect Software

The first portable metrology software for Laser Tracker, Arm and Gage.

FARO<sup>®</sup> CAM2<sup>®</sup> SmartInspect Software

CAM2 SmartInspect Software 

The first portable metrology software for Laser Tracker, Arm and Gage

Engineered for simplicity, FARO’s CAM2 SmartInspect is the perfect software for any FARO® Laser Tracker, Arm and Gage users who are looking for non-CAD based inspection.


CAM2 SmartInspect 1.2 has been optimized to run on all Microsoft Windows™ based Touch PCs or Touchpads, providing users a new way to interact with inspection data and measurement devices. The addition of touch capability makes the software ideal for fully mobile measurement applications and establishes it as the first portable metrology software for FARO Laser Trackers and FaroArms on the market.

The software interface is designed to be simple and intuitive, so that users without any 3D metrology background can be easily trained.

Software Version

  • Basic: All functionality with images
  • Pro: Extended version with all functionality, in addition to the 3D viewer and on screen dimensioning

Live on screen 3D view of measurements

With the Live on Screen view, users can see the results of their measurements shown graphically in projection plane views. The graphical view can also be rotated to show a 3D representation of all the measured features.

On screen dimensioning

Interact directly with the graphical view to create dimensions and constructions needed to extract information that cannot be measured directly. Arrange the dimensions relative to the measurements to document results with clarity.

Whisker and tolerances

Whiskers and tolerance graphics can be displayed on individual measured features to show detailed error distribution with colors that highlight the specific areas of the part that are out of tolerance.


Labels can be configured to automatically appear in the graphical view to provide immediate feedback on measurement results.

Temperature probe

The temperature probe provides feedback on part temperature during measurement routines. This is important since variations in temperature can adversely affect the accuracy of measurements. By closely monitoring and automatically compensating for these changes, CAM2 SmartInspect helps ensure users receive consistent and accurate results despite changing measurement conditions.

Barcode functionality

Barcodes can be created directly in the CAM2 SmartInspect software and saved together with the inspection plan data. One click with the new FARO barcode reader and the inspection plan is instantly loaded in the CAM2 SmartInspect software. The result is exceptional speed for frequently-repeated, everyday measurements.


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