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FARO<sup>®</sup> Visual Inspect<sup>™</sup> Software

Visual Inspect – Accessories

Useful and workshop-tested tools, optimized for specific application needs, complement the software for practical use on site. The self-sticking flat markers (magnetic or self-adhesive) are residue-free for easy removal and reuse. The sphere markers with different adapters assure the best possible alignment and even greater versatility. Both marker types are available in two standard sizes that cover virtually all applications. All markers are interchangeable and mutually compatible, and the system is scalable at any time.

Flat marker

  • Laminated with magnetic or nano material, to accommodate different product surfaces
  • Residue-free, removable, and reusable
  • Available in 40 or 100mm diameter sizes

Sphere marker

  • Fixed mounting on a hemisphere guarantees completely versatile and intuitive positioning of markers
  • Available in 40 or 100mm diameter sizes

Magnetic adapter with centering

  • Easy attachment of the multi-positional sphere marker
  • Available in 3 sizes to accommodate:
    holes with 4 – 12mm diameter, holes with 13 – 24mm diameter, holes with 25 – 36mm diameter
  • Accurate overlay by analog positioning of real and virtual markers

Needle adapter

  • Easy placing of the multi-positional sphere marker
  • 4 long fixing needles for example to plug into a foam model
  • Traceless and removable
  • For use on porous materials / surfaces

Additional accessories

  • Case
  • Tripod
  • Tripod mount
  • Protective case for mobile device
  • Special flash drive (with mobile device compatible connector cable)

Flexible Data transfer to iPad

  • FTP Server
  • USB-C flash drive
  • Apple iTunes
  • Email
  • Apple AirDrop
  • Via link to customer-owned intranet
  • Cloud data transfer



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