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VirtuSurv, DistToPlan, MonuMap and hylasFM


Other Software Requirements


  Minimum Requirements
Operating system Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8; Windows 10, 64-bit only.
Hardware requirements Computer: processor at least 2,5 GHz better is 3-4 GHz; RAM at least 8 GB better 32 GB or more; laser scanner: type according to task (if the scans are not supplied).
Data requirements Registered, i.e. scans with station information that have been oriented and geo-referenced to each other. Supported point cloud export formats LAS, PTS and kubit PTC.
Supported scan data formats FARO (FLS, FWS, LSPROJ), Standard-Format E57, Leica (PTG), Topcon (CLR, CL3), Z+F (ZFS, ZFPRJ), PTX.
Supported CAD packages All Windows applications, direct interfaces AutoCAD®(LT), BricsCAD, SEMA.
Via the generic Windows interface: Rhino, GStarCAD, IntelliCAD, Cadwork, Trimble Business Center, DraftSight, AViCAD, Carlson, ZWCAD, MapScenes and many more;
via Field Book: Geograf, Covadis etc.

AutoCAD® (LT) add-ons: DistToPlan, MonuMap, hylasFM

  Minimum Requirements
Platform The PhoToPlan Family are plug-ins, which integrate seamlessly into the AutoCAD® GUI. They support AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® LT as well as the associated vertical products such as Civil 3D, Architecture or Map 3D 2015 versions and later. Should you be using older Autodesk products please check with your FARO distributor.
Operating system The operating system is dependent on the version of AutoCAD® being used. Generally only 64-bit systems are supported.
Hardware requirements Computer and graphic card as suggested for the respective AutoCAD® version by Autodesk. Use a standard digital camera with good resolution.
Required reference information (photo rectification) At least 4 control points (PhoToPlan) or 2 reference observations (PhoToPlan Basic) are necessary.
Required reference information (map rectification) At least 3/6/10 control points are needed for a first/second/third degree polynomial transformation.
Required reference information (image orientation) At least 9 control points or 4 control points and the camera parameters are needed
Supported image formats PhoToPlan supports all image formats supported by AutoCAD®, e.g. TIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG. For merging bitonal images use the TIF format.


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