FARO Scan Localizer

On-Site registration & processing made easy.


Complete Mapping and Registration Solution

The FARO® Scan Localizer is a state-of-the-art scanning accessory that streamlines the registration process, substantially increasing productivity.

The FARO Scan Localizer combines information from multiple sensors and software algorithms to determine the exact position of the scanner inside buildings. It allows the as-built capturing for BIM(Building Information Modelling) related applications with unmatched speed, confidence and quality.

While moving a FARO Focus3D Laser Scanner through a large site, the FARO Scan Localizer captures the exact position of the laser scanner, thus enabling greater automation of registration.

The FARO Scan Localizer simultaneously maps the scan space in real-time while giving individual scans initial placement information.

With this new workflow, users are able to immediately utilize cloud-to-cloud registration with high confidence, substantially reducing office work.

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