FARO®Focus Swift

The Focus Swift is the first fully integrated indoor 3D mobile mapping solution and is ideal for users who want to ensure the fastest and most accurate scans.

FARO<sup>®</sup>Focus Swift

FARO® Swift Software

The ingenuity behind Swift lies in its design and software compatibility as operators can work with FARO As-Built™, BuildIT Construction and WebShare Cloud. Users can also directly import in any CAD system with 3D point cloud capabilities while simplifying their modeling with automated processes and optimizing their scan to BIM workflow. Internally, Swift is powered the revolutionary FARO SCENE software, which automatically processes data from Focus and ScanPlan into accurate 3D point clouds.


FARO SCENE processes and manages scanned data efficiently and easily by using automatic object recognition and scan registration and positioning. SCENE can also colorize scans. This point-cloud software for scanners is extremely user-friendly and generates high-quality data in no time. Now, scanned data can be easily shared worldwide with project partners using FARO’s cloud-based hosting solution SCENE WebShare Cloud.


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