FARO Trek, A FocusS Series Scanner Solution for use with the Boston Dynamics SPOT® Agile Mobile robot

Automated laser scanning workflows for progress monitoring, as-builts, and digital twins.

FARO Trek, A Focus<sup>S</sup> Series Scanner Solution for use with the Boston Dynamics SPOT<sup>®</sup> Agile Mobile robot


Trek, combined with the Boston Dynamics Spot robot, automates laser scanning workflows for construction sites and allows contractors to streamline their scanning process by leveraging advanced robotic capabilities to reduce inefficiencies in site progress monitoring and the capture of as-builts and digital twins. The scanner-robot duo autonomously navigates busy and dynamic job sites, capturing highly accurate point clouds that can automatically verify work performed and improve the accuracy of construction.

Trek is a solution that provides a FARO scanner mount for Spot and custom code for the Spot CORE, which facilitates on-robot computation. The workflow leverages Spot’s tablet software to record a mission path around the jobsite, designate scan locations, and then replay the mission as needed to enable Spot to autonomously follow the defined path and capture scans.  While avoiding new obstacles without direct human control, Trek enables a repeatable automated workflow for capturing spatially linked datasets over time.


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