FARO Trek, A FocusS Series Scanner Solution for use with the Boston Dynamics SPOT® Agile Mobile robot

Automated laser scanning workflows for progress monitoring, as-builts, and digital twins.

FARO Trek, A Focus<sup>S</sup> Series Scanner Solution for use with the Boston Dynamics SPOT<sup>®</sup> Agile Mobile robot

FARO Trek Features

Trek equips Boston Dynamics’ quadruped robot Spot with a FARO FocusS Laser Scanner by providing a physical mount and custom code for the Spot CORE. Customers can purchase Spot directly from Boston Dynamics.

The FocusS enables users to capture fast, accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings with intuitive workflows that foster an enhanced user experience. A built-in 8-mega-pixel HDR camera captures detailed imagery while providing a natural color overlay to the scan data in a range of lighting conditions. Lightweight and compact with a 4.5-hour battery per charge, the scanner is designed for secure and reliable mobile scanning.

The custom FARO code for the Spot CORE leverages the Spot to allow users to designate scan locations for repeatable data capture using Spot’s Autowalk software. The data output includes Spot sensor metadata that accurately pre-positions scans for an optimized cloud registration process, and users can set their own site origin to ensure that data sets align over multiple scanning missions.


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