FARO® WebShare Software

A cloud-based platform for secure reality data sharing, collaborative project management and Scan-to-BIM workflow hosting worldwide via the Internet.  

FARO<sup>®</sup> WebShare Software


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FARO WebShare Software is a cloud or server-based hosting platform, offering real-time access to the latest reality data for worldwide project management and BIM workflows. It supports 3D reality data of unlimited size and independent of their source of capture to be stored, viewed, evaluated, and shared from authorized persons only, anywhere and at any time using a web browser. All common industry standard formats for downloading reality data are supported, enabling seamless and collaborative Scan-to-BIM workflows. 

FARO WebShare Software customers get their own domain that includes specific data storage, depending on the selected package. They can invite an unlimited number of clients, suppliers, team members or other partners to join the platform. A simple, yet sophisticated user management manages projects in customizable user groups. Authorizations such as access rights and user permissions for administration, data upload, sharing or download can be easily defined, giving partners accessibility to reality data independent of owning their own FARO WebShare Software user account. WebShare Enterprise customers can install the service on their company’s own private cloud or server.

   Base Package  Pro Package  Enterprise Package
Hosting FARO Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS)1 FARO Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS)1 On company’s own private cloud or server
Data Storage 100 GB/month2 500 GB/month2 Unlimited
Features Included All except 3D data download and single sign-on (SSO) All except single sign-on (SSO) All
1. Data is stored in European and US American data centers
2. Data storage can be extended at any time


FARO Security Promise for Cloud Hosted Option: FARO provides the IT infrastructure which guarantees the highest security standards for safely hosting sensitive workloads in the cloud, making sure no information gets lost. SSL encryption ensures the protection of personal and project data by meeting highest security standards. FARO WebShare Software is fully compliant with the GDPR regulations of the European Union. 


Productivity Advancement: Easy to learn, simple to use and affordable to implement, FARO WebShare Software guarantees fast reality data exchange among partners for seamless, highly-efficient project management without utilizing data storage on a local server, using third-party cloud services or shipping data physically.

WebShare on Enterprise Level Usage: Ensure full control over the security of the stored reality data using your company’s own cloud infrastructure (private cloud) or server. Users sign in using their organizational accounts. Thanks to single sign-on (SSO) support, there is no need to remember and manage different passwords for the tools that are used by your company. This provides easy and secure way for organizational administrators to control who has access to this service.

Customizable Download: Export functionality enables new time-saving workflows through exporting sections and complete projects directly without conversion breaks into any preferred target design system for tasks, for example, as-built modelling and construction QC. Download properties of annotations, scans, or measurements as a data base readable CSV file to link your reality data with external applications, like asset and facility management systems. Or create direct links to WebShare scan views within FARO’s As-BuiltTM PlugIns.

Interactive and Definite: Provides immediate access to all project partners of the latest 3D reality data, ensuring collaborators operate with the identical level of knowledge, thus avoiding redundant and outdated data, faulty communication, erroneous project decisions and site rework.

Flexible Project Groups: A simple, yet sophisticated project and user management logically authorizes defining access rights and user permissions as required. Share projects with partners worldwide independent from having a user account.


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