FARO® Factory Robo-Imager Mobile

Automated Inspection Station for the Shop Floor.


FARO® Factory Robo-Imager Mobile Features

Specifically designed to maximize productivity and simplify workflows, the FARO Factory Robo-Imager Mobile significantly reduces cycle times for inspection and eliminates scrap and costly rework

Component Features

Mobile Inspection Station

  • Mobility and Flexibility
    The mobile station can be easily and quickly wheeled to any location. Once in position, the station wheels are retracted to provide a stable platform.
  • Integrated Rotary Table
    The built-in rotary table allows parts to be rotated for efficient and complete data capture
  • Smart Connectivity
    Equipped for wireless connectivity to external devices or a local network
  • Human-Collaborative Robot Eliminates Fencing
    To maximize safety, all four corners have LED status lights and an emergency stop button.

FARO Cobalt Array Imager

  • The system utilizes the FARO Cobalt Array Imager, a metrology-grade 3D sensor with blue light technology, capable of quickly capturing high-resolution measurement data for dimensional inspection on parts, assemblies and tools. Learn more here.

Integrated System Benefits

  • Turnkey solution provides automated, non-contact measurement wherever it is needed on the shop floor
  • Mobile station provides LEAN solution by eliminating the waste of transit to and from the quality lab
  • Ability to capture accurate, repeatable, and high-resolution 3D measurement data
  • Software can function as fast go/no-go guage or provide complete color-coded measurement reports
  • Quick to set up
  • Safe design eliminates the need for any constricting physical barriers

Return on Investment

  • Maximize productivity by reducing cycle time for inspections
  • Recognize part deviation/error early in the production process to eliminate scrap and costly rework
  • Eliminate the need for large, fixed, and costly inspection cells
  • Avoid transportation waste with unmatched mobility
  • Avoid costly integration time and effort with quick set-up
  • Independently use 3D Imager for other deployment configurations


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