FARO 3D-Ultralight Scan Head

Lightweight and CG Optimized Marker with 3D Capability

FARO 3D-Ultralight Scan Head

FARO 3D-Ultralight Scan Head Features

Large Field/Small Spot
The 3D-Contour can scan fields as large as 1m x 1m and produce a laser spot size as small as 30µm for marking anywhere in the field. The ability to vary the field and spot size offers application flexibility.

Supports Multiple Poses
Designed for robotic arm applications, the system can act on materials from virtually any angle and working distance with large 3D volume.

Wavelength: CO2

Mirror size available: 45mm

Air-cooled optics

Lightweight: 9.7kg

CG optimized

Applications up to 1.2 kW (Peak)

Easy generation for custom correction files





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