FARO® Design ScanArm 2.0

Turnkey 3D Scan-to-CAD Solution for Accelerated Product Development.


FARO® Design ScanArm 2.0 Features

The FARO Design ScanArm 2.0 is a portable 3D scanning solution tailored for 3D modeling, reverse engineering, and CAD-based design applications across the product lifecycle management (PLM) process.

Features & Benefits

  • High-Detailed Performance
    Features a highly accurate capturing of complex geometric products, objects and prototypes for confident real world data output of computer aided designs.
  • Rapid Scanning Speed
    The FAROBluTM Laser Line Probe HD with its extra wide scan stripe and fast frame rate of 600,000 points per second provides expanded laser coverage for fast point cloud capture
  • Optimal Flexibility 
    Available in three highly maneuverable arm lengths – 2.5m, 3.5m and 4.0m to ensure perfect usability with the sepcific design applications and objectives
  • Extreme Portability
    Includes dual, hot swappable batteries enabling continuous operation without required external power for additional portability
  • Lightweight and Usability
    Enhanced ergonomics, increased comfort and  with a weight of under 10.0 kg(22 lbs.) enables continuous operation for maximum productivity over extended periods
  • Kinematic iProbing Capability
    Quickly connect/disconnect iprobes without recalibrating for any contact measurement routine.


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