FARO Connect® Software

The Ultimate Software for Managing 3D Point Cloud and Image Data

Discover the power of FARO Connect, the ultimate desktop solution for easy management of 3D point cloud and image data. Powered by GeoSLAM’s proprietary SLAM algorithm, Connect is the all-in-one software for local processing of FARO Orbis data with a connection to the optional FARO Sphere® XG cloud-based platform for viewing, sharing and collaborating.

Experience robust 3D visualizations through the data viewer and watch your digital replicas come to life, extracting immediate insights from your 3D point clouds. Enhance your data and make it clearer through a series of automated filters including outlier, noise, thinning and transient workflows. Additionally, employ automated workflows to optimize your data further, including change detection, and prepare your data for additional analysis with a wide range of export options.

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Business Value of Connect Software

Best-in-class Processing

FARO Connect is the ideal solution for processing FARO Orbis data and reduces user interactive processing time by employing automated workflows.

A Variety of Export Options

Seamlessly transition your 3D point cloud data into your current workflows for further analysis and modelling with a range of export options including LAZ, LAS, E57, PLY and TXT.

Link to FARO Sphere XG

Directly upload your locally processed data to the Sphere XG Digital Reality platform to access, view, measure, share and collaborate with stakeholders anywhere - a unified perspective of your project.

A User-friendly Interface

FARO Connect is clean and easy-to-use software for both new and experienced users of mobile scanning.

Register Multiple Point Clouds in FARO SCENE

For unparalleled data quality and global accuracy, import and register your Flash Technology Powered scans in FARO SCENE and utilize its interactive registration capabilities, mirroring the control of a terrestrial laser scanner.

Connect Features

Data Processing and Ownership

Local processing in FARO Connect allows users to process 50% faster without compromise to data quality, and as often as required, with complete ownership of the data. Alternatively, you can simply upload point cloud data to the Sphere XG Reality Capture solution, for better collaboration with other stakeholders. Flexible processing and storage, without third-party ownership, leads to more secure and transparent cooperation.

Automatic Georeferencing

Use reflective targets or control points in your workflow to georeference 3D point cloud data within FARO Connect. The software automatically detects surveyed reflective targets and uses the target positions to localize the point cloud into a real-world location. Alternatively, place the scanner on a known control point for a brief period and the information with be stored within the 3D point cloud.

Automatic Point Cloud Colorization

Use the integrated camera on FARO Orbis to capture panoramic images and achieve RGB colorization of your 3D point cloud data within FARO Connect. Using a single automated workflow Connect will process your data, create panoramic photos, position the images over your point cloud and colorize the dataset.

Automatic Data Filtering

FARO Connect has a range of automatic filtering tools to help you get the best results from your 3D point cloud data. These include outlier removal, surface noise reduction and removal of transient points to improve the final data output. The filtering tools are within Connect and can be applied automatically to any dataset.

The Perfect Tool for Repeatable data capture and collaboration

Seamlessly transition locally processed data to FARO Sphere XG, for greater visibility of your jobsite. Improve decision-making by providing regularly captured data and using both FARO Connect and Sphere XG to increase collaboration, ensure sites are on track and money-saving measures are in place.

Utilize the Versatility of Connect for Better Data

Whether it’s great levels of detail, colorized data or faster data processing, FARO Connect offers a wide range of tools for a variety of user needs. Clean datasets using automatic filtering tools or colorize data through an easy-to-use workflow. Alternatively, process data from mobile or FLASH scans depending on the level of detail required for the use-case. From large construction sites to forest mapping, Connect has the right processing tools for almost every job.

Rapid Site Information for the Modern Mine

Locally process data faster and get near real-time decision making, as often as needed. Provide stakeholders with regular updates on the progression of the mine and highlight any safety concerns, to improve productivity, increase worker safety and ultimately lead to higher returns on investment.

GeoSLAM Draw

GeoSLAM Draw allows further analysis of mobile LiDAR and static scan data. It is a simple way to display large point clouds and analyze the data in various ways. You can create simple measurements, CAD geometry, register and georeference data. It can be purchased in addition to FARO Connect and comes in configured industry packages. These packages include:

Start Package

This is the standard package for Draw. The features include:

  • Layout Section: Visualize and create segments of multiple floors and floorplans.
  • Sketch: Measure areas, distances and angles.
  • Annotation: Add text annotations to sections of projects.
  • Vectorizer: Automatically vectorize, intersect and merge lines, create curves, and export into .dwg format.
  • Panorama: View images captured with a 360° camera.
  • Cloud Export: Export projects into a range of file formats.

BIM Package

The features for the Plan package include those in Start, plus:

  • Web Export: Create PDF documents and share interactive HTML project files with colleagues or clients.
  • Merger: Combine several images into a single image file to export into existing CAD models.
  • Curved, Polygonal & Cylindrical Sections: Visualize objects with curved or round edges or slopes.
  • RCP Format: import and export in .rcp file format.

Plan Package

The features include those in Start and Plan, plus:

  • Proprietary Formats: Import other file formats to contextualize point clouds.
  • Registration: Includes sphere fitting and target select tools to reference projects with enhancements from terrestrial scan data.
  • Photo Match: Unfold, measure and analyze angled and curved objects.
  • 4CAD / 4Revit Plugin: Connect with Revit to create CAD models in real-time.

Mining Package

The features include those in Draw Start, Plan and BIM (excluding Photo Match and 4Revit Plugin) plus:

  • Volume: Measure the volume of a desired area (e.g., stockpile) and create volume calculation protocols according to REB 22013.
  • Mesh: Extract meshed 3D Digital Terrain Models (DTM).
  • Profiler: Use the elevation model to vectorize projects and view the profiles in 3D mode.

Pro Package

The Pro package includes all the features in the other Draw packages listed above. This package is best suited for those who wish to have full flexibility with point clouds.

With mobile LiDAR technology and GeoSLAM Volumes software, mine operators can calculate stockpile tonnages faster and monitor change over time quickly and easily.

Mobile laser scanners, like FARO Orbis, can determine accurate stockpile volumes, silo reserves, or mining tempos without the need for GPS. After processing in FARO Connect, import data into GeoSLAM Volumes to instantly transform it into actionable 3D information for rapid real-time decision-making.

Confidently verify volumes at all stages of the supply chain as frequently as necessary, train staff in minutes, slash survey times and drive down costs.

Are you in need of 3D data from inaccessible areas? Consider Elios 3 by Flyability.

Turn Elios 3 data into survey-grade 3D models powered by FARO Connect. This is a solution to monitor, manage, and map the most unreachable places. The Elios 3 Surveying Solution integrates FARO Connect to bring together the best of confined spaces drone data capture with 3D Geospatial software technology.

Learn more about the relationship between Flyability and FARO here

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