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FARO best in class products, including Laser Scanners, Trackers, 3D imaging solutions and corresponding software, enable system integration and configurable solutions for a broad range of applications. Examples of such applications include automated inspection and assembly checks in manufacturing as well as the automation of complex analysis workflows in surveying and construction and more.
To always provide the best solution for your requirements FARO complements its broad technology portfolio with complementary solution consulting services.

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As technical consultants with extensive knowledge and experience in 3D technology, we support companies and system integrators to successfully design, plan and implement best in class solutions that perfectly fit into your processes and simplify and accelerate your workflow.

Based on FARO best in class hardware and software and our team of industry leading experts, we:

  • analyze your workflows and processes to identify areas of improvement
  • automate workflows and processes to save costs, mitigate bottlenecks, reduce workforce training and increase efficiency
  • integrate into your existing factory and equipment through our system integrator network

We support our customers all along the way as a reliable partner throughout all phases of your projects and solutions.

Our solution consulting services cover:

  • requirements and process analysis
  • feasibility studies
  • technology consulting
  • conception and implementation of solutions based on FARO best in class technology
  • support of system integration based on best in class FARO technology
  • software and workflow customization
  • solution training and support

In addition, customers benefit from our extensive global support and services structures as well as a strong global partner network for system integration and complex automation solutions thus completing our comprehensive approach on solution consulting.


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