First Article Inspection

First article inspection is an essential part of quality control in manufacturing. Inspecting a pre-production sample confirms whether or not the part meets all engineering, design and specification requirements.

Portable CMMs from FARO® offer 3D measurement solutions to help streamline this process. Portable metrology equipment, including measuring arms and laser trackers can quickly capture a prototype part’s surface form and geometric features which can be compared to nominal data in a CAD file or used as a digital record to meet the company’s first article documentation requirements.

Defiance Metal Products Gains Huge Time Savings with the FARO ScanArm

“For Defiance Metal Products, the greatest value has been the time savings,” said Layout Tech Mike Hoshock. “The reduced downtime we experience by not waiting on a program to be written or run is a huge improvement over the traditional CMM. Programs that took us over 15 minutes to run on the CMM, can be done in less than five with the FaroArm.”


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