Large Part Inspection

Large Part Inspection
Large Part Inspection
Large Part Inspection

In many industries such as aerospace, automotive, and heavy equipment manufacturing, large-scale measurements are a common requirement. Given the large scale of various components in each of these industries, consistent, accurate measurements are necessary to maintain design intent and performance; however, taking large-volume measurements can be a slow and cumbersome task.

FARO’s groundbreaking large volume metrology tools, such as the FARO® Laser Tracker, streamline the entire inspection process. Quickly taking precision measurements at any scale, portable metrology solutions provide the highest accuracy with the least amount of user variability, eliminating costly rework and scrap.

Oil States Improves Precision While Reducing Costs and Backlogs with FARO

Since deploying their first FaroArm back in 2000, Oil States Texas Mold has upgraded over time and now uses the high accuracy FARO Prime and FARO Edge. Using a FaroArm, they can access multiple measurement results from one set-up and can easily obtain geometric associations, thereby improving throughput as a result and reducing backlogs.

Inspection Time of Large Parts Reduced for Marine/Offshore Manufacturer

Working in the marine and offshore industry, it’s no surprise that Oil States produces very large pieces of equipment. Conventional metrology instruments were typically used to perform inspections, but they did not provide the 3D results the company was looking for. By using the FARO Laser Tracker, Oil States has reduced their inspection time by 50 to 75 percent, and previously difficult or improbable inspection processes have now become workable.


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