In-Process Inspection

In-Process Inspection
In-Process Inspection
In-Process Inspection
In-Process Inspection

In the past, machine shop inspection has required the removal of parts from a CNC machine to a temperature controlled inspection area for surface inspection or dimensional inspection of the part. This is time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, incorporating portable CMMs from FARO directly into production lines can streamline this process.

The portability of FARO’s 3D metrology tools, like the measuring arm, enables efficient on-machine and in-process inspections. This delivers consistent, accurate measurements directly on or at the machine producing the parts.

High Potential for Innovation

A portable FARO measuring arm has replaced conventional gauges for measuring bolts at a major automobile manufacturer. The FaroArm Platinum not only provides the premium manufacturer with considerable savings potentials from the standpoint of costs, but is also convincing due to its mobility and reliability in two-shift operation.

State-of-the-Art Measurements for Special Valves

The company’s Quality Manager, Giuseppe Ramponi, explained: “The particularity and geometric complexity of our products require highly specialized production processes and control procedures to ensure compliance with requirements and specifications.” To meet these requirements Petrolvalves has been using a FaroArm Platinum six-axis measurement arm with Measure X software (subsequently updated to CAM2 Measure 10) since 2005. “It is a sophisticated instrument that meets our needs perfectly,” Ramponi added.

Brilex Improves Quality Program with FARO’s “Game Changing Technology”

The portable CMMs provided by FARO enable Brilex to perform many of the inspections they require with much greater accuracy and repeatability in a fraction of the time. Where it was not always possible to get all of the measurements they needed using past methods, they can now be achieved using FARO.

Perfect Alignment for Steel and Aluminium Mills at Siemens with FARO devices

Rolling mill machines can be many stories high and include components weighing hundreds of tonnes. But using FARO tools, Siemens Metals Technologies plant makers still achieve sub-millimetre levels of accuracy.


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