In-Process Inspection

In-Process Inspection
In-Process Inspection
In-Process Inspection
In-Process Inspection

In the past, machine shop inspection has required the removal of parts from a CNC machine to a temperature controlled inspection area for surface inspection or dimensional inspection of the part. This is time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, incorporating portable CMMs from FARO directly into production lines can streamline this process.

The portability of FARO’s 3D metrology tools, like the measuring arm, enables efficient on-machine and in-process inspections. This delivers consistent, accurate measurements directly on or at the machine producing the parts.

The FARO Edge checks the dimensions and geometry of special machines from NUMIREAL

A constructor of special machines and made-to-measure tools, Numireal checks the dimensions of its products with a FARO Edge measuring arm. This has enabled Numireal to become immediately operational, despite a lack of measuring experience.

Highest quality requirements in metalworking

Accuracy in factory surveys improved at many levels

The challenging survey of a material handling project covering 6,000 m2 over two floors was successfully completed by a FARO Laser Scanner.

Earlier this year Prime Design Projects, a project management company, was asked by its client CSi Industries to carry out an internal survey of CSi’s customer’s factory. The survey was to facilitate a major material handling project designed to improve and rationalise the movement of product around the factory. CSi Industries (a company based in the Netherlands) supplies fully integrated material handling systems and has installations throughout the world. As a turnkey supplier CSi provides a complete package from initial consultancy and design, to production, assembly, delivery, installation and commissioning.

Challenging survey
This particular project presented its own set of challenges to the design and installation teams. The layout of the conveyors and handling equipment would be covering an area in excess of 6,000 m2 over two floors. Given the area and distances involved, accurate up-to-date building and equipment layout information was going to be essential for the project. However, with some parts of the original factory dating back to the early 1900s, it was proving difficult to find drawings with sufficient detail and accuracy for this purpose. The new equipment would also have to interface with existing equipment, adding to the challenge of an efficient installation with tight deadlines and production commitments. Prime Design Projects has a background in managing projects for clients in the UK and internationally and understand the importance of detail in the context of the smooth running of a project. Prime Design invested in a FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D early in 2012 and the benefits have been reflected in projects ever since; to the degree that the company now offers 3D laser scanning surveys as a standalone service to clients. Prime Design (in conjunction with its survey partners RPM Services) completed the survey in four days with the total area scanned covering approximately 9,000 m2. Significantly, the entire survey was carried out during normal working hours without any disruption to production or operational activities of the factory. After further processing and registration, the complete point cloud project was handed over to CSi. The scan project was also uploaded to Prime Design’s WebShare server for viewing and access by the entire project team.


High demand on accuracy
CSi Industries has seen the benefits of utilising 3D scanning in the design process. Having accurate and comprehensive data reduces the need for repeated site visits to check dimensions or take missing measurements, saving time and reducing unnecessary travel. Easy integration of the point cloud into AutoCAD has made the process of design verification and clash detection more efficient. Interfacing with existing equipment can also be done more accurately. WebShare is also a great enabler for project collaboration and discussion with all members of the project team: the customer, the designers, the installation team and in the future, service and support.

“The ‘as-built’ has always been the starting point for our projects.” says Keith Gibbons, Managing Director of Prime Design Projects. “In the past we would have done the survey with Total Stations and hand held laser measuring devices but time is always a factor and despite best intentions, you’re never going to capture everything. However, it seems now we can, and that extra detail makes a big difference. We are now pleased to be able to offer this as a service to our clients and associates.”

Unsurpassable measurements

Dallara, the world-famous competitive race car manufacturer from Emilia, uses the innovative FARO Edge ScanArm to run the quality control for its components.

Jaguar Gains Speed and Precision

Already an enthusiastic user of the FARO measuring arm, Jaguar Cars’ manufacturing facility at Castle Bromwich has invested in advanced FaroArm Platinum and Laser Line Probe for use in its Body in White (BIW) department.


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