In-Process Inspection

In-Process Inspection
In-Process Inspection
In-Process Inspection
In-Process Inspection

In the past, machine shop inspection has required the removal of parts from a CNC machine to a temperature controlled inspection area for surface inspection or dimensional inspection of the part. This is time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, incorporating portable CMMs from FARO directly into production lines can streamline this process.

The portability of FARO’s 3D metrology tools, like the measuring arm, enables efficient on-machine and in-process inspections. This delivers consistent, accurate measurements directly on or at the machine producing the parts.

Pearl of Mechatronics Netherlands

Mechatronics: The Centre for Concepts in Mechatronics (CCM) is a development company that employs the FARO Edge to measure the accuracy of mechatronic modules quickly and efficiently during the test phase.

Merciless environments in the world of dredging, mining and offshore

Dredging industry: IHC Parts & Services offers a service network for IHC Merwede’s clients worldwide. Its core activity is to keep IHC Merwede’s dredging and mining equipment (and additional equipment) operational in a cost-effective manner.

The Edge ScanArm from FARO checks the conformity of Numetor’s complex pieces

As it was not equipped with adequate measurement devices, Numetor was limited in how it could inspect complex components. The acquisition of the Edge ScanArm measuring system from FARO provided the company with new opportunities to develop its business.

FARO Laser Tracker optimises machine symmetry

The large Frech die casting machines are twelve-metre-long giants but even so, extreme accuracy is required in their manufacture. Finally the Swabians opted for a Laser Tracker from FARO. From then on there were no more problems, only solutions.


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