In-Process Inspection

In-Process Inspection
In-Process Inspection
In-Process Inspection
In-Process Inspection

In the past, machine shop inspection has required the removal of parts from a CNC machine to a temperature controlled inspection area for surface inspection or dimensional inspection of the part. This is time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, incorporating portable CMMs from FARO directly into production lines can streamline this process.

The portability of FARO’s 3D metrology tools, like the measuring arm, enables efficient on-machine and in-process inspections. This delivers consistent, accurate measurements directly on or at the machine producing the parts.

FARO Gage guarantees the conformity of LUSSAULT’s parts

Lussault measures the geometry of parts very precisely using a FARO Gage measuring arm, guaranteeing that no problems arise during assembly.

Mürdter: No Component Goes Unchecked

Mürdter, an automotive supplier of many different components, is assured 100% quality by using FARO measuring arms. Not a single faulty component leave the Mürdter factory, as all parts are inspected.

Audi in Motor sport: Precise service on the racetrack.

The FARO ScanArm is used in combination with the FARO Laser Line Probe and FARO software CAM2 Measure 10 to keep Audi on track!

Schuler ‘Press’ ahead with FARO Precision

Our FARO Laser Tracker provides concrete benefits when it comes to fine adjustments, inspections, and acceptance procedures directly on site, as shown at Schuler.


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