FARO® Offers a Wide Variety of Applications

FARO’s line of 3D measurement technology solutions, including portable CMMs and 3D documentation equipment, are used in a variety of applications from reverse engineering and inspection to as-built documentation and crime scene analysis.
Portable CMMs from FARO can be used to solve alignment issues or perform CAD-based inspection and reverse engineering tasks. Helping companies to quickly take accurate measurements and meet strict tolerance requirements, portable CMMs can be used to eliminate costly scrap and rework, saving valuable time and money.

FARO’s  3D documentation equipment allows users to quickly capture and document large-scale environments at the touch of a button. The versatility of the device allows it to be used by surveyors, engineers, architects and forensic scientists, providing highly detailed 3D models for use in asset and facility management, heritage preservation, crime and accident scene investigation, virtual simulation and construction projects.

Accident Reconstruction

Perform accident investigations quickly and accurately with 3D laser scanning technology from FARO.


Real-time measurement during assembly confirms tolerances and improves quality control.

As-Built Documentation

Digitize and document as-built conditions with laser scanning technology from FARO.

Asset and Facility Management

Document facilities and their assets in 3D to ensure layouts are logical and efficient

Building Information Modeling

Capture 3D data for building design at every point of construction with BIM Solutions from FARO.

Crime Scene Analysis

Quickly gather evidence in 3D for crime scene analysis with these products from FARO.

Dimensional Analysis

Quickly capture measurements, perform inspections and ensure proper tolerances are achieved with FARO products and expertise.

First Article Inspection

Ensure first article parts meet design specifications and tolerances before accepting them and putting them into production.

In-Process Inspection

Inspect parts in-process, directly on or at the machine producing them. Eliminate inspection bottlenecks. Save the time and effort required to pull the part off the machine, transport to inspection, send back to the machine, re-mount (and re-align), and re-inspect.

Incoming Inspection

Prevent out-of-tolerance parts from reaching assembly and ensure high-quality products.

Large Part Inspection

Easily collect measurements of large parts with these product solutions from FARO.

Machine Calibration

Ensure machines are calibrated and operating at optimal performance with FARO’s portable metrology solutions.

Non-Contact Inspection

Easily capture point cloud data of complex or free-form shapes without contact with these FARO product solutions.

Reverse Engineering

Acquire precise digital measurement data on parts or assemblies for which blueprints or CAD drawings do not exist.

Robot Calibration

Perform on-site calibrations to ensure robot accuracy with portable CMMs from FARO.

Tool Building & Setup

Verify dimensional accuracy of tooling with portable CMMs from FARO.

Virtual Simulation

Virtualize entire sets, characters and objects for use in film and video game platforms with 3D laser scanners from FARO.


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